Weed & Or Non Cultivation of your Plot

If you are struggling with your plot or have decided time has come to finish please contact the office asap to advise us

As a proud owner of a plot we want you to keep it to a good standard  Cultivated and Weed Free, some pointers to help you keep you free from Notices.

  1. Read your agreement - you signed it so you agreed it 
  2. Keep your plot clean ,  tidy and cultivated min 75%
  3. Ensure 75% of the plot is used and maintained for cultivation
  4. Notify the office if going away on holiday or illness , this is easy by email or phone , and if you cant then get someone to ring on your behalf 01253 765693
  5. If you are experiencing problems maintaining your plot and wish to discuss then ring the office 01253 765693
  6. Use plastic on your beds to reduce weed growth in winter
  7. You need to commit time each week during the seasons , can you do this ? Plots need work every week on them.
  8. Ask for help if you need it
  9. f you wish to give your plot up please let the office know as soon as possible so we can re allocate it 01253 765693
  10. Dont moan to your next door plot they cant help you can they, we dont have crystal balls - talk to us 
  11. DONT Ignore the above or you will get a NOTICE or even more a termination - we are here to help if we know so you need to tell us