You can never tell with our weather in Britain. 

One year flood, another drought and some years we have drought followed by flood!

So now could be a good time to think about putting some water butts in. You'll be surprised how much water you can collect off sheds and greenhouses on an allotment as well as off the house roof.

Do hoe the surface of the soil in dry weather. It helps stop evaporation, keeping the soil below damp and makes it easier for rain to soak in if it arrives instead of running off.

Don't just sprinkle a bit of water around if it looks dry. Stick your finger in the soil and see if it is actually dry below the surface.

 When you do need to water, give it a good soak so the water goes down. 

Potatoes will need quite a lot of water over the next couple of months. They're putting on growth and most plants are 90% water. 

So for a good crop, check they've got enough. 

With tomatoes, never let them dry out and wilt. 

Nothing causes more problems with tomatoes than uneven watering.